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Nifty Level Calculator

Nifty Level Calculator Launched again Ver 2.0.17.....

Nifty Level Calculator is an excel utility that generates automatic levels of Buy/Sell for Nifty in excel.
You must have office 2007 or higher for this file to run properly.
Before downloading this file, kindly download excel runtime and install on your pc.
You must trust all macros and run them.
If file is not opening then open excel then open a blank workbookthen click "file", then "options" , then "Add Ins" , then at bottom see 'Manage'
select "COM Add-Ins" from drop down menu and press "GO"
from the menu there, tick "Lock xls" and press "OK"
Thats it

This utility is on trial of 365 days but Dont worry, Activation is FREE OF COST.

Excel Runtime 32 Bit
Excel Runtime 64 Bit
Nifty Calculator Excel Utility