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Robo Calls (Free Excel Utility)

Robo Calls launched again.

Robo Calls is an excel utility that generates automatic calls in excel.
You must have office 2007 or higher for this file to run properly.
Before downloading this file, kindly download excel runtime and install on your pc.
You must trust all macros and run them.
This utility is on trial of 7 days but Dont worry, Activation is free of Cost.

For Activation please follow below mentioned procedure:
Click Here:
Sign up at dropbox with your name and email id
Download dropbox from HERE
Install it on your pc with details you gave while signing up.
You will get 500Mb extra space.
Now fill activation form at my website giving same email id
I will confirm through dropbox and your file will be renewed for 120 days and thereafter.
Above procedure is needed for first time activation and
renewals can be done by simply sending mail or filling form.
If you dont need dropbox then simply un-install it from control panel of your pc.
But dont delete your account at dropbox, just dont use if you dont need.
I repeat, all activations and renewals are FREE OF COST !!!

Excel Runtime
Robo Calls Excel Utility