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Nifty & Infy Chart Update

This is last Three Month chart of Nifty spot
Nifty spot hammered at higher level like 8720-8730
So very crucial resistance around above this level
Once if breaks 8730 and closes above the level…….. Try to move 8845 & 8900
Nifty spot considers support @ 8540-8520
Bears are waiting to enter below 8540!!……… There after non stop panic will start!!

This is INFY last Three Month Chart
Chart shows, INFY facing strong resistance around 1097
If crosses this level & Closes above the level………. Try to check 1135 & 1160 levels
Strong support at 1050……… Once if breaks & closes below the level
Finding next supports 1010, 970 and 930 level
Traders put close eye on 1097 & 1050 levels!!

Gann View for this week (Nifty)
As posted on 1st Aug was a pressure date
and till date Nifty is not able to give a  close
above the high made (8711) on 1st Aug
and this level was also posted in the resistance zone,
and from 8711 we have got more than 150+ points twice..
This is the accuracy of Gann levels. 
To move further upside Nifty needs to give a close above 8740
for the targets of 8790-8805-8855.

Major resistance level are 8711-8728-8742, 8805, 
Major support levels are 8535, 8461-8430, 8356-27.
Next pressure dates are 17-18, & 27/28th Aug.
Courtesy for Gann levels: DPK