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Weekly View Nifty & Tataelxsi

Above is Nifty Future last Six Months chart
 Nifty trading range around 8565-8730 in last 24 sessions
& almost 165 points variations
This Week Nifty Trend Decider levels are 8565 & 8715
Nifty ,if breaks 8565 & closes below the level
then next supports are 8485, 8425 and 8300
Nifty Future facing resistance 8715……. 
If breaks & closes above this level
Try to check 8825 & 8885 levels!! (chances are remote only)
Simple ideas “Can do shorts at higher levels and stop of 8730”
“Below 8565……… will add more power to Bears”

Above is last Six months chart of TATAELXSI
Chart is showing,that stock has taken strong support at 1595
Traders closely watch at 1595 level……….
Once if breaks & close below this level
then next supports at around 1525, 1450 and 1390 for short term!!
Suppose if not breaks then will take support at 1595
and try to move 1650 & 1680+