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Weekly View BankNifty & BharatFin (24 Oct 2016)

Above chart shown is of BHARATFIN (sksmicro)
Stock is facing strong Resistance at around 930 & 940
So if breaks 940 and closes above this level……….
Then rally is expected till 975 & 1025 levels!!
Stock considers supports at 892 & 863 levels
Fellow traders closely watch @ 940………..!!

This is Banknifty Future
Banknifty Future this week Trend Decider Levels are 19905 & 19500
BNF facing Resistance @ 19905………
So if breaks & closes or stays above this level
Then rally is expected up to 20195 & 20350 levels
Suppose if there is selling pressure at higher levels
Then we Can do shorts with stop-loss of 19905 at closing basis!!
BNF consider support at 19500………..
Below this level Panic selling will be expected
So Traders closely watch trend decider levels of 19905 & 19500