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Google Data Downloader

Sincere thanks to RMIKE for this wonderful utility

  1. This is a Python distributable utility to download 1 min historical data for NSE from Google finance. This is compiled to work on Microsoft Windows OS. Will not work for Mac and Linux OS.
  2. Important – Follow all instructions regarding package and file placement. Don’t modify the name of any file or folder!!!
  3. Download the zip package from the provided link, unzip the package to the root directory of your C: drive. This will place the ‘PyDownloader’ Folder in C: drive, like so “C:\PyDownloader”.
  4. Inside the PyDownloader Folder, you’ll find the following :-

    (a) ‘TickerList’ Text File – Enter Ticker symbols for which data is required. The sample Tickers viz. Nifty & BANKNIFTY are placed in the list as reference example. Input to list each desired Ticker in a separate line. The maximum limit of the TickerList is 100 Tickers
    (b) ‘Data’ Folder – The downloaded 1 min historical data by the utility will be written to this folder as a csv file for each individual Ticker in the TickerList. Historical 1 min IEOD can be downloaded for a maximum of 15 trading days.
    (c) ‘PyD.format’ File – If you wish to manually import the downloaded IEOD into Amibroker, place this file in the ‘Formats’ Folder of your Amibroker installation. You’ll also need to edit the ‘import.types’ file in the Formats folder by inserting the following instruction.PyDownloader (*.*)|*.*|PyD.format

    (d) ‘PyDn_v1.0_Lic’ – The License file for the utility.(e) ‘PyDn_v1.0 Help’ Pdf File – Help file.(f) ‘PyDownloader_nse_v1.0.exe’ – The executable distro package of the utility.
  5. After inputting desired Tickers in TickerList, double click on PyDownloader_nse_v1.0.exe. A console window will pop up. This window will remain inactive for some while (approx. 40 to 65 seconds, depending upon your rig’s CPU and RAM configuration) during which the Python virtual environment is loaded for the utility to function.
  6. After the virtual environment loading is complete, the console window becomes active. As the utility executes, it will ask the user to input the desired no. of days for which IEOD is required to be downloaded.
  7. Input the no. of days as a NUMBER. For e.g Three days = 3 and NOT 03 OR Three. And Fourteen days = 14 and NOT 014 OR Fourteen. After providing input, press Enter/ Return. The utility will then execute as per the user input for no. of days and no. of Tickers in TickerList. The image below illustrates the example of downloading IEOD for 1 day for NIFTY & BANKNIFTY.
  8. After the process is complete, the utility and the console window will auto exit. The IEOD can then be imported from the ‘Data’ Folder
  9. This utility is distributed ‘as is’ without any cost to user for providing retail traders with means to utilize publically available data from Google Finance for analytical purposes. No user is authorized to distribute this utility without credit to the copyright holder(s). No user is authorized to commercialize this utility in any form.