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How to choose stocks for Intraday

  1. Take out 4 hour time frame charts,
  2. Identify trend in 4 hour time frame using either price action - (HH HL & LL LH, VPL, VPH, MPH, MPL ) or simply with Super trend (8,2 or 10,3 settings) or PSAR or EMA's (50/200 EMA ) etc etc..
  3. After identifying trend, look for confirmation from momentum , using ADX or CCI etc etc
  4. If you get stocks that meets both criteria, then try those stocks for intraday..
  5. For doing it in intraday , follow same steps in 1 hours and 15 min charts... 1 hour chart for signal confirmation and 15 min chart trade entry....

    This way , you are going to trade in same direction of 4H, 1H and 15 Min..

    All Credits to: Marimuthu