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Stocks Breakout Levels (Pro) v2.3.1

Many times market is rangebound and whipsaws eat our day long profit.
But I have seen that in dull market as well there are few stocks that always show
a big move, may be in up direction or in down...
Here is my small effort to trap such probabilities....
I have backtested it for past 150 days and results are highly enthusiastic of more than 318%.
This excel scans more than 200 stocks and displays there breakout levels
on every trading day at around 8.30am along with proper targets and stoploss

These levels can easily be transported to Amibroker before 9am eliminating dependency on this excel. Further you can automate trading from amibroker. As this excel scans all stocks of FnO in cash so stocks are of category and can be easily entered due to high liquidity.
This sheet is placed on google server so can be accessed anytime from anywhere in any medium.
This system is designed to give 1% daily after brokerage.
I personally using this sytem for past 1.6 years.
Keep on taking all signals till we get 1% daily.
In morning normally there are only 3-4 signals, by the time we are in profit.
You can check performance of this sheet with its Trial version, free of cost.
Trial will work for 7 calendar days but in case you are not adjusted to trade with it, then
trial can be extended. 

Trial version cant be connected to amibroker. 
If you like it then go for Pro version for just Rs.2500 + taxes per month.

For this system to run properly, you must have:
Office 2013 with power query or Office 2016

.Net Framework 4.5 or higher
Excel Runtime, download from HERE
Enable all content in excel and disable protected view
Some Anti Virus may display a warning but thats because this file has security certificate of 2018

Download Trial
NO PAID Version

Past Performance:

30 Jan 2019, 31 Jan 2019, 15 Feb 2019, 18 Feb 2019, 19 Feb 2019,

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