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Do you change your strategies, quite often?

Intra Day Trading strategy is not useful,if you don’t know this reality of trading

This article is not for novice trader, who thinks that if they got PERFECT trading strategy then they can PRINT unlimited money.

This article will help for those :
1. Who had lost enough money in trading
2. Who had already done too many technical analysis workshops/ training
3. Who had tried too many trading strategies
4. Who had experience enough struggle and frustration

Let’s start,
Just do retrospective analysis of your own trading career,

Two type of people approaches to trading business :
1. Those who already having some job or business and still want to make some Extra income from trading
2. Those who don’t have any job or business and want to make trading as full time career, means want to do Trading for living

Now lets understand How their Journey starts :

Step 1 : Aspiring traders do kind of research on internet by reading article, websites , watching youtube videos and try to formulate trading strategy.

Step 2 : After doing own research they think that , they should have to do some paid workshop/training , and they join for it to get profitable Intra day trading strategy.

Step 3 : Some of lucky traders after doing training or workshop with Genuine trainer will get Profitable, Proven, Simple Intra day trading strategy. Other even don’t get it.

Step 4 : After learning Profitable, Proven, Simple Intra day trading strategy, they do paper trading or back testing and amazingly everything works very fine. They get good and exciting result.
And they thinks that their struggle has been end now. From next trading day onward they will start to PRINT money in markets.

Step 5 : When they start to do LIVE trading on their hard earned money , nothing works for them.
They are not able to follow trading strategy. Only because of lack of psychological skills. Because of emotional issues i.e. FEAR and GREED.

Let’s understand what actually happens in Step 5 :
Aspiring traders starts to use intra day trading strategy in LIVE market with Real Hard earned or borrowed money.
First few trades goes in Profit….they become happy and excited….

Then first Loss trade occurs ….They tell themselves ….that Trading is probability game – it is combination of Profit and loss trades…..they easily accept and digest first loss trade…..

Then Second loss trade occurs ….they becomes little bit fearful….but they remind themselves as they had done enough back testing of this trading strategy….And this is profitable trading strategy….We just have to follow rules ….That’s all….

Then third loss trades occurs …..They becomes completely fearful….They loses confidence form their trading strategy and more importantly loses confidence from their own ability to trade…..
They thinks that This market condition is not suitable to this trading strategy….We must have to change rules of trading strategy or must have to change complete trading strategy …..

And they again start to do research on internet…..Again start to follow Step 1 as mentioned earlier…..This cycle continues…..This is known as Paralysis of Analysis …..

If you are in this cycle …You will experience lot of frustration, disappointment, Extreme mental tension.

Every CONSISTENTLY successful trader who has evolve from Novice trader to as Professional Trader have to go through this cycle. This is unavoidable part of evolution process.

सोना आग से गुजरता हैं… तभी जाके कुंदन बनता हैं…. !!!!

If you are experiencing such conditions in your trading career, then you are on right way……Yes ….I am repeating my statement once again…….You are on right way…..

चक्रव्यूह भेदना हैं। ….तो पहले चक्रव्यूह मैं फसना पड़ता हैं !!!!!

(All inputs from Nayan)