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It doesn’t matter if you’re a scalper, swing trader, or another type of day trader. As traders, we all have one thing in common - to find an edge in the market. Our pioneering order flow trading software has been designed to give you just that.

  • Gain real-time order flow insight using the fully configurable limit order book (COB) and depth of market (DOM).
  • Watch how the market evolves and reacts over time. “Tell the story” of recent price action with historic liquidity data.
  • Identify incoming market volume, and watch absorption and exhaustion unfold to spot reversals before they happen.

Advanced Analytical Software for Tracking and Trading

Market analysis plays a huge role in every decision we make as traders. Bookmap is packed with advanced order flow indicators to detect, track, and understand market sentiment.

X-Ray Lens
Into the Order Flow

Gain insight that’s simply not possible using basic charting tools alone. Look under the hood to see actual order intent change over time.

Millisecond Trading Data and Record & Replay Feature

Watch market dynamics unfold at 40 frames per second and react in real-time, or record live sessions to replay later. Execute simulated orders on full market depth data to test and optimize strategies.

Spot Spoofing, Large Lots and Algo Patterns

Watch how the heatmap evolves to uncover spoof orders that are added and pulled from the order book. Identify algorithmic activity or use the Large Lot Tracker to highlight dominant market participants.

Integration of
Algorithmic Trading

Add additional layers of data to your own trading algorithm using the comprehensive Bookmap API. Combine order flow trading with existing strategies to increase your hit rate.

Bookmap is totally free to try for as much time you want.
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