Free stuff for trading

MZ Pack for NT8


  • Two-sided Footprint – independent Left and Right Footprints for each bar
  • Footprint styles: Bid x Ask, Volume, Delta, TradesNumber
  • Optional Tape Reconstruction (aggregation of order flow)
  • Filters: Trade/Reconstructed trade volume filter (min/max) and Display filter
  • Bar Statistics: Volume, Delta, Min/Max Delta, Delta %, COT (read about COT)
  • Patterns search: Imbalance and Absorption with quantity filters, Unfinished Auction
  • Automatic Support/Resistance Zones based on Imbalance and Absorption patterns with Alerts
  • Cluster Zones: Low Volume Nodes (LVN), High Volume Nodes (HVN), Delta ranges, Delta Percentage ranges, Trades ranges
  • Statistic Grid: Trades, Volume, Buy/Sell volume, Delta, Delta %, Absolute Delta AverageDelta cumulative, Min/Max Delta, Delta Change, Delta Rate of Change (per Ticks/Milliseconds), COT Low/High
  • Predicted values (in Statistic Grid)
  • ‘Ticks per level’ option which sets the level of aggregation for individual price levels, if price levels should be merged (watch video)
  • Levels of Value Area and POC for Bars and Sessions
  • Cluster styles: Brick, Histogram
  • Cluster scale parameter to scale clusters by bar values, by values inside chart view area or by all loaded data.
  • Cluster data sources for scale, color, and gradient (watch video).
  • Color mode option – Solid, Saturation, Heatmap, GrayScaleHeatmap, and Custom for better presentation
  • Custom Levels with Alerts
  • Notifications: Bar Volume/Bar Delta/Bar Trades number/Cluster (footprint) value/Imbalance/Absorption via Ninja alerts or via email (for some events)
  • Supported Calculate modes: OnEachTick/OnBarClose
  • Proprietary settings window with the On-The-Fly adjustments of parameters. Chart reloading is not required anymore!

Run .EXE file and then replace the .dll file.
Keep NT close while doing all this.