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Nifty Forthcoming View

Above is last Three Months chart of Nifty Spot
Very Range and Low volume sessions in last 9 days
This Week NIFTY Spot trend decider level 8475 & 8595
Once if breaks 8595 & close above the level………… Next resistance 8660 & 8750+
Suppose if not breaks 8595 and if close below 8475……….Next support 8400 & 8285
Traders closely eye on 8475 & 8595

Indusindbk forthcoming view

Above is Indusindbank last Six Months chart
Chart shown strong resistance at 1147
Stock once if breaks 1147 and close above the level……… Rally will be expected
Finding next resistance around 1180 & 1210
Strong support at 1100……. Below the level bears will have an upper hand

Mcdowell-N forthcoming View

Above is last Three Months chart of Mcdowell-n
Stock came down almost 12% (Rs 300) from last 11 sessions
Chart shown…….. Mcdowell now near by strong support level at 2325
U turn will be expected at this level up to 2525 & 2600 levels
Stock consider support at 2325……. Suppose if breaks & close below 2325
Next support around 2225!!

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Positional Call KEI INDUSTRIES

Courtesy: Indian Bank

Nifty Views week 11 July 2016

Above is last Three months chart of Nifty Future
Chart shown……… Strong Resistance & Recent high at 8415
NF once if breaks 8415 and closes above the level
Rally will be expected up to 8550 & 8630.
NF consider supports 8295 & 8235
NF once if closes below 8235………. Selling pressure will be expected
Down side support 8155 & 8080
So……… Closely eye on 8415 & 8235 for coming week!!
see yesterday..... I sold at 8325 and covered exactly at 8300.....
what a fast move !!!

Stock Cousins

  • Pick a stock that we're interested in 
  • Pick six prospective "cousins" (In cells M1 to M6)
  • Move a slider to pick a range of days over which we identify Maximum and Minimum (Example: we're look at Max & Min over 20 days)
What does that mean ... looking at Max & Min over 20 days?
We run through all the days and identify those days that have the Maximum price over a 40-day range, from -20 days to +20 days.
Then we stick the date on the charts.
Finally, we:
  • Move another slider to pick one of the six stocks
Each time we move that stock-picker slider, a year's worth of prices are downloaded for the "stock of interest" and the prospective cousin ... and the charts updated.
That's it? 

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