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    Here's list of all my personal excels, which are made public so far:

Double Bottom Double Top at new Level

This is simple indicator, used for detecting pullbacks and double tops/double bottoms.
Refer my posts on telegram on how to use it
Indicator is totally free for personal use.

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High Accuracy Equity Indicator


ST Divergence Indicator by Ajeet Singh
(Free for personal use only)

Points for Trading:

✽ To be used only and only for Equities

✽ To be used on only 15 mins TF

✽ Target is fixed at 0.9%

✽ SL is fixed at the most recent swing High/Low

✽ But trade is to be picked if SL is lower than 2.15%

✽ Only Low-Risk signals are tradable as of now.

✽ Entry is always at the close price of the signal candle(use limit order)

✽ Avoid taking trades on first candle and after 2.30pm

✽ After entry, if the stock doesn't move then exit on close of 4th candle

✽ I will try to record a help video in future

✽ It's newly developed by me so I am tracking its performance and will add more points in future

✽ In future posts, I will also explain, How to trade "High Risk" Signals.

Simply add indicator to your chart in tradingview